MBA1003 Guest Teacher: Timothy Armoo- How to Leverage Snapchat to Tap into a Young Demographic
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If you want to reach the young, you need to speak Snap. Snapchat owns the under-30 market, with more teenage users than Facebook — despite Snapchat being a fraction of the size. As it grows, the temporary image and video-based platform will only extend its reach to the young. For now, though, marketing and advertising on Snapchat is way underpriced. To help you understand how to take advantage of Snapchat, we’ve brought in a special guest teacher. Timothy Armoo is the 23 year old CEO of Fanbytes, a mobile video advertising firm that helps companies reach the kids on social media. Fanbytes has helped giants like Warner, Universal, and Sony get their message to the young. Now, Armoo is here to help you. He’s got 5 “hacks” you can use to tailor your message to Snapchat’s unique features and functionality. These 5 tricks will maximize the impact of your campaigns with Snap-specific practices proven to earn clicks. Get with the times, friends. If you ain’t Snappin’, it won’t happen! Click Play!