MBA1039 How to Hire Motivated Players
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Your business deserves the best. But where do you find it? It starts with redefining “best.” While many employers look for the most talented prospects with the right skill sets, a much more important metric for an employee’s true potential is motivation. As we like to say, you can always teach the skill. You can’t teach the attitude. Today, we discuss how to save yourself time and effort when looking for those top-notch players, the ones who bring a competitive, positive frame of mind. We help you spot the self-starters and self-motivators you’ll want to keep an eye on — but won’t have to. From the initial job ad to the interviews, we describe our system for filtering out the throwbacks and hanging on to the keepers. We give you exact instructions on pinpointing the professional and personal traits that show who’s in it to win it. In the end, you’ll know who brings the most value. Go get the go-getters. Click Play!