MBA991 Guest Teacher: Carrie Olsen- How to get better results with your sales page using 3 principles from acting
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What can artistic performance teach us about sales performance? Quit a lot, we think. And so does our next special guest teacher, Carrie Olsen. Carrie is a veteran voice actor, having provided narration for companies ranging from Tiffany’s to Taco Bell. In her career, she’s had to hone one thing above all: the art of presentation. Carrie uses the same principles of presentation that fuel her voice-over career to sell her independent coaching services. In her view, presentation is the key to a great sales page - so she puts the same thoughtful strategy into her website as she does into her performances. Today, she shares those principles with us. In the end, acting is the ultimate act of sales(wo)manship. You’re selling an idea, a feeling, and a belief. By bringing a bit of the stage, screen, or booth to your sales approach, you can maximize your sales efforts, too. Learn how: Click Play!