MBA1121 Is Your Business Growing Too Slowly?
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Is your small business succeeding? Growth can be a difficult thing to measure. Often, new entrepreneurs need help to determine whether they’re on the right track. What exactly constitutes the right speed of growth is hard to put your finger on, especially when things can change so drastically at the beginning. Today, we discuss exactly how to decide what success means for your business, what exactly needs to grow, and how fast. Whether you’re measuring revenue, users, influence, or anything else, defining your benchmarks is the only way to track your progress. If you’re not growing, you’re dying — so you have to be able to “see” growth as it’s happening. No matter the size or type of business, you can paint a picture of what adequate growth looks like. On this episode, we offer multiple ways to measure growth, so you can decide which matters most. By pinpointing the right data and metrics, you can see exactly where you are — and how to get where you’re going more quickly. Learn how it’s done — Click Play!