211: How Hidden Networks Can Transform Your Life and Career
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Not many people can claim to have delivered a TED Talk that’s been viewed millions of times. Today’s guest, however, can do exactly that. His name is David Burkus, and this episode marks his second appearance on the podcast. Here’s hoping David’s TED Talk mojo will rub off. His new book is called Friend of a Friend: Understanding The Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Your Career and, in it, he argues that the best way to grow your network isn’t by introducing yourself to strangers at cocktail parties, handing out business cards, or signing up for the latest online tool. Instead, he insists you develop a better understanding of the existing network that’s already around you. Forget the outdated advice you’ve already heard, David says. Learn how to make use of the hidden networks you already have. In his book, and in today’s episode, we attempt to help you do just that. Join in on our chat below Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS In today’s episode, I ask David to share about: * How “silos”, in…