208: How to Stay In Love With Your Entrepreneur
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If you are an entrepreneur – whether you’ve launched a company, a lifestyle business, or are working as a freelancer – or you’re the person married to one, today’s episode is one you do not want to miss. My special guest today is Dorcas Cheng-Tozun and she has over a decade’s worth of experience living life with an entrepreneur, including all the ups and downs that go with it. In her new book Start, Love, Repeat: How to Stay in Love with Your Entrepreneur in This Crazy Startup World, as well as in today’s episode, Dorcas is transparent in regard to her own journey and isn’t afraid to share what she and her husband Ned, founder of d.light, have learned from their mistakes. I have to say that I found both my conversation with Dorcas, and reading her book, quite refreshing. I think you will too. Join in on our chat below Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS In today’s episode, I ask Dorcas to share about: * The concerns she had at the beginning of her husband’s entrepreneurial journey and how she could have…