iPS 242: Surveying How Swift Evolves with Andrew McKnight
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Panel: Gui Rambo Andrew Madsen Erica Sadun Jaim Zuber Special Guest: Andrew McKnight In today's episode, the iPheaks panelist speak with Andrew McKnight about Surveying How Swift Evolves. Andrew provides information on a presentation he did at iOS Dev Camp Colorado, on a survey looking at the open source Swift repositories to see how developers are extending the language, foundation, or standard library. This is a great episode to gain insight into how developers on the iOS platform are helping evolve the Swift language and much more. In particular, we dive pretty deep on: What was being surveyed? - Utility Libraries and general purpose How did you search for Utility Libraries? What is the purpose of the utility libraries? Duplicate extensions What are the most popular extensions that are recreated? String and Trim What is trim()? Why is targeting utility libraries problematic? What is the goal? Did you find wrong or dangerous implementations? Why is their discussion/drama around gathering these extensions?…