Blades of Grass Test | AwesomeCast 381
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Krause is in studio with Sorg as Chilla joins in remotely from Studio C this week. In a post-CES world, we’ve got a ton of stuff we’re talking about this week, including: Krause got a new TV he’s sharing as his Awesome Thing of the Week. It’s a Samsung 4K. Chilla and Krause are sharing some standard operation chatter about protocol for new tech installation – as in how to use the new remote(s) properly! Want to cut the cord? There are plenty of over the air options out there! We’ll be getting 4K over the air?!?! Chilla is SO EXCITED for the release of Home Pod. It’s the gift that keeps on giving with delayed release options and upgrades! Sorg is into some DIY for his Awesome Thing of the Week – as in cardboard add-ons for Nintendo Switch. Pittsburgh company WeSpeke is partnering with CNN to provide language lessons while checking out the news. Thanks to Laura for sharing the Quantum Leap map this week! YouTube TV has 300K subscribers in less than a year. Streaming TV options are great for bringing your TV…